Excited to announce that our team is one of the finalists in the challenge INNOVATE2030-SDG13 Innovation Challenge “More sustainable surfactants for home & personal cleaning products”. Henkel has now selected the finalists for the Elaboration Phase, out of more than 152 program submissions.

Replacing fossil based surfactants is not as easy as we think. Bio renewable low cost raw materials have hope. With a novel eco-friendly ingredients passionate us to enter this challenge. Currently, Dr Marios Kidonakis and Dr Prathap Jeya are further working on this project to meet the requirements for industrial applications. We are trying to develop new types of carbohydrate-based surfactants from natural sources and produce the final products with low energy consumption.

Now we are ready to showcase our innovative concepts and technologies #FructoForFAME to capture the demanded space of sustainable materials on 4th May 2023.