April 21, 2020

On short notice we are looking for a postdoc in the field of natural product synthesis. The project comprises the total synthesis of mycolic acids, complex lipids originating from M. tuberculosis. In the group we have developed a first generation synthesis of these compounds. In a collaboration with the Tetramer Facility of the National Institute of Health (Emory University, USA), mycolic acids will be loaded on antigen-presenting proteins in order to identify reactive T-cells. Therefore the mycolic acid need to be prepared in larger quantities and the synthesis reworked/streamlined. In addition there is room for additional research in natural product synthesis. The project, initially for one year, is funded by the NIH.

The candidate should have a track record in (natural product) synthesis. Due to the short notice, candidates must be eligible to work in The Netherlands on the date of application. Applications should be sent to