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Research group of Prof. Dr. A. J. Minnaard

The mission of our research programme is the further development of the field of organic chemistry, in particular organic synthesis and catalysis, and its application in the study of biological phenomena.


Group members

Latest publications

255. Wan, I. C. S., Witte, M. D., Minnaard, A. J. 2019 ‘From d- to l-Monosaccharide Derivatives via Photodecarboxylation-Alkylation’ Organic letters, vol. 21, no. 18, pp. 7669-7673 Web

254. Mishra, V. K., Buter, J., Blevins, M. S., Witte, M. D., van Rhijn, I., Moody, D. B., Brodbelt, J. S., Minnaard, A. J. 2019 ‘Total Synthesis of an Immunogenic Trehalose Phospholipid from Salmonella Typhi andElucidation of Its sn-Regiochemistry by Mass Spectrometry’ Organic Letters, vol. 21, no. 13, pp. 5126-5131 Web

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