Every year, the Stratingh institute organizes an institute day where the entire institute gathers for a enjoyable day of activities and the opportunity to interact with colleagues from all corners of the institute.

The Stratingh institute day of 2023 was held at the Biotoop in Haren, commencing in the morning with lectures and poster presentations delivered by our master, PhD students, and postdocs. In the afternoon, various activities were offered, including a themed relay race encircling the building, a guided tour of the Hortus Botanicus, and an exploration of the artist workshops. The day concluded with a delightful dinner and the prestigious GCBS (Groningen Center for Brilliant Science) award ceremony, where the nominees for the most amusing and comical laboratory mishaps and blunders of the past year were showcased.

A total of five members, among them the perpetually enthusiastic Prof. Minnaard, from the Minnaard group enthusiastically registered for the relay race and emerged victorious, claiming the price for the best baton.