Our group members Michiel Uiterweerd , Zonghao Lin and Daan Bunt  gave lectures during the yearly Lunteren (Wageningen) Symposium. The topics included: ‘Total synthesis of lugdunomycin by a biomimetic reaction cascade’ (Michiel Uiterweerd), ‘Divergent Total Synthesis Of Meroterpenoids From Ganoderma Mushrooms’ (Daan Bunt) and ‘Asymmetric Total Synthesis and Structure Revision of Di-O-acyl Trehalose DAT2, an Antigenic Glycolipid from M. tuberculosis’ (Zonghao Lin).

Michiel Uiterweerd was awarded the price for the best poster and oral presentation.

Our master students joined the symposium and so did most of our group. It was an interesting and enjoyable couple of days.