Sinterkerst 2023


Sinterkerst 2023 As always, our yearly Sinterklaas/Christmas (Kerst)/holiday mash-up party was a lot of fun. Throughout the week, we decorated the Christmas tree at the coffee corner and indulged in all the Sinterklaas sweets provided by our lovely secretary, Janka. Then, on Friday afternoon, we kicked off our party with a pub quiz, accompanied by [...]

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LEAF Bronze award for Sustainability


Over the years, we have consistently explored ways to enhance the environmental friendliness of our laboratories. This has included using air reflux condensers instead of water, substituting all oil baths with heating blocks, promoting chemical sharing, transitioning to electronic lab journals to streamline experimentation processes and eliminate the need for paper journals to be stored [...]

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Symposium Wageningen 2022


Our group members Niels Reintjens , Prathap Kaniraj and Ruben Andringa  gave lectures during the yearly Wageningen Symposium. The topics included: 'Protection group-free reductive chlorination and thiolation of glycosides via trityl hydrazones' (Niels Reintjens), 'Two in One: Asymmetric Total Synthesis of the Mycobacterial Glycolipids Pentaacyl Trehalose (PATs)' (Prathap Kaniraj and 'Total synthesis of dissectol A' (Ruben [...]

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Borrel september 2021


    In September we usually have a fun group outing every year to welcome new members and students. Since these years are a bit different we had a small borrel outside in the sun at Linnaeusborg. Welcome all. Let's hope to do the group outing soon!

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