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Borrel september 2021


    In September we usually have a fun group outing every year to welcome new members and students. Since these years are a bit different we had a small borrel outside in the sun at Linnaeusborg. Welcome all. Let's hope to do the group outing soon!

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‘Building molecules can be art’


'Building molecules can be art' Synthesis of one of the most abundant organic lipids elucidates its structure Published by RUG ScienceLinx Crenarchaeol is a large, closed-loop lipid that is present in the membranes of ammonium-oxidizing archaea, a unicellular life form that exists ubiquitously in the oceans. In comparison to other archaeal membrane lipids, crenarchaeol is [...]

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Picnic 2021


  Picnic 2021 Adri with our secretary Janka organized a lovely picnic at the Dorkwerdsluis with some nice homemade snacks. We were very fortunate with the weather and had a great time with all of the Stratingh members in Linnaeusborg.  

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ESOC 2021 Virtual Mini Symposium


On 5-6 July 2021 there will be an European Symposium on Organic Chemistry (ESOC) .  Have a look at our postdoc dr. Niels Reintjens talking about 'Protection Group-Free Reductive Chlorination and Thiolation of Glycosides via Trityl Hydrazones'.

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PhD ceremony Mira Holzheimer


Mira will defend her thesis titled: “On the Total Synthesis of Archaeal and Mycobacterial Natural Products” on the 5th of February at 12:45pm. The ceremony can be followed online via this link:

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SinterKerst 2020


Every year we have SinterKerst, with lots of games, gifts and pepernoten. This year we could not end the year without it and some great group members recreated our labs and offices in online platform GatherTown. We had a lot of fun with the creative online pubquiz (Team Minnaard won!) , and enjoyed our snackbag [...]

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PhD ceremony Steven Wan


Steven will defend his thesis titled: "Novel methods towards rare sugars based on site-selective chemistry" on the 5th of January at 11:00. The ceremony can be followed online via this link:

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CHAINS 2020- Online


Our group member Ruben Andringa presented his poster "Total synthesis of macrocyclic archaeal lipids and mycoketide" this year online at the annual Dutch Conference CHemistry as INnovative Science (CHAINS) We also cheered on members from our ChemBioII-group ; Isabel Sieders "Tuning bi-electrophilic probes to generate protein selectivity"(Witte group) and Liubov Yakovlieva "Pd-catalyzed C3-selective oxidation of [...]

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Prof. Minnaard and Dr. Buter have been awarded first NWO ENW Team Science Award


Prof. Minnaard and Dr. Buter (UG, Stratingh Institute ), together with Dr. van Rhijn (University of Utrecht) and Prof. Moody (Harvard), have been awarded the first NWO ENW Team Science Award. This cross-disciplinary team receives the award for the development of ‘Comparative Lipidomics, a new strategy to study pathogenic bacteria that forms the basis for novel [...]

Prof. Minnaard and Dr. Buter have been awarded first NWO ENW Team Science Award2020-12-16T15:27:08+00:00