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Research group of Prof. Dr. A. J. Minnaard

The mission of our research programme is the further development of the field of organic chemistry, in particular organic synthesis and catalysis, and its application in the study of biological phenomena.


Group members

Latest publications

295. Verschut, TA, Ng, R, Doubovetzky, NP, Le Calvez, G, Sneep, JL, Minnaard, AJ, Su, C-Y, Carlsson, MA, Wertheim, B & Billeter, J-C 2023, ‘Aggregation pheromones have a non-linear effect on oviposition behavior in Drosophila melanogaster’, Nature Communications, vol. 14, no. 1, pp. 1544. Web

294. Marinus, N, Eisink, NNHM, Reintjens, NRM, Dijkstra, RS, Havenith, RWA, Minnaard, AJ & Witte, MD 2023, ‘A Predictive Model for the Pd-Catalyzed Site-Selective Oxidation of Diols’, Chemistry – A European Journal, vol. 29, no. 44, e202300318. Web

293. Bedard, M, van der Niet, S, Bernard, EM, Babunovic, G, Cheng, TY, Aylan, B, Grootemaat, AE, Raman, S, Botella, L, Ishikawa, E, O’Sullivan, MP, O’Leary, S, Mayfield, JA, Buter, J, Minnaard, AJ, Fortune, SM, Murphy, LO, Ory, DS, Keane, J, Yamasaki, S, Gutierrez, MG, van der Wel, N & Moody, DB 2023, ‘A terpene nucleoside from M. tuberculosis induces lysosomal lipid storage in foamy macrophages’, Journal of Clinical Investigation, vol. 133, no. 6, e161944. Web

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News from our lab

PhD ceremony Steven Wan

Steven will defend his thesis titled: "Novel methods towards rare sugars based on site-selective chemistry" on the 5th of January at 11:00.…

CHAINS 2020- Online

Our group member Ruben Andringa presented his poster "Total synthesis of macrocyclic archaeal lipids and mycoketide" this year online at…

Prof. Minnaard and Dr. Buter have been awarded first NWO ENW Team Science Award

Prof. Minnaard and Dr. Buter (UG, Stratingh Institute ), together with Dr. van Rhijn (University of Utrecht) and Prof. Moody (Harvard),…

The synthesis and immunogenicity of M. tuberculosis born diacyl trehaloses

Mira Holzheimer together with Frederiek Reijneveld and collaborators from Boston and Groningen have published their results on the synthesis and…